From Never Trump to Forever Trump: The Impact of Trump’s Supreme Court Shortlist

Yesterday, Donald Trump revealed his picks for the Supreme Court if he were to be elected president, and he couldn’t have chosen a better time.  No doubt, many republicans read over the list of nominees with a sigh of relief as many of the names are tried and true conservatives.  Even since the presumptive nominee’s win in Indiana, some republicans remain hesitant to fully support and endorse Trump, but will this be the carrot that brings the GOP into line?

To put things into perspective, since 1971, the average age for a justice to retire from the court is 78.7, and below are the ages of the current justices. It is likely that the next president will have a profound impact on the face of the Supreme Court, with the more likely possibility of choosing 2-3 of its next justices.

Portraits from and ages from

For republicans considering whether, and how, to support Trump in light of this list, a few things should be investigated. First, how likely is it that Trump will win in November?  Second, will the Senate continue to be held by the republicans this election?  Third, will fence sitting republicans who choose to support Trump lose their “I told you so” card if Trump loses, and how will that shape the future of the GOP?

Linked are only a few of many opinions.  Please share yours below.

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