Dump Trump: Why Republicans Should Vote with the Future in Mind

Image, Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons.

Dear Republicans:

Why is the GOP waiting until after the election to dump Trump?  To Republicans who support Trump because they believe he will Make America Great Again, and to those who can’t stand the thought of voting for him on election day, it’s time to consider the long term effects of a Trump candidacy and where the GOP will be in the years to come.

Some important things to consider in this analysis:

Donald Trump is slipping in the polls.
Although the election season is often fraught with ups and downs in the polls, Republicans should begin to think about the best damage control strategy should Donald Trump lose in November.  Depending on how poorly Trump is performing in the polls, the prudent thing for the GOP may be to repudiate Trump well before election day, essentially owning up that he was a terrible candidate, and move forward with a different narrative primed for a post trump election cycle.  The more certain his defeat, the sooner the GOP can begin to prepare for its new debut the day after the election.  So far, it seems Trump is becoming less competitive.

The demographics of the country are increasingly favoring Democratic candidates.
America is becoming increasingly diverse, and the traditional demographic strongholds upon which Republicans have relied for the past 50 years are changing dramatically.  Both in state and national elections, Democrats are gaining the advantage simply because they have a larger political tent and welcome more diverse interests.  Specifically, the Latino and Hispanic population in the United States, and within some traditionally Republican States, is increasing, and Democrats attract more of them into their party than do Republicans.  States like Texas and Arizona will become more purple if the Democratic Party continues to be the one that this population chooses.  Although there is some debate, Trump seems likely to only grab a small percentage of the Latino and Hispanic vote.

The nature of our political discourse is hurt by Trump.
Frankly, Trump has negatively impacted the nature of political discourse in the country.  The reason why our form of government is so great is because we choose to use words to work out our differences instead of weapons. Trump’s divisive, often hateful, and contentious rhetoric moves the nature of our discourse backwards.  Being in a democratic society requires a level of self-control, respect, patience, and willingness to listen, even when we completely disagree with each other.  Trump’s campaign has been the embodiment of the exact opposite of those things—making fun of a journalist with disabilities, spreading pointless gossip about other candidates, engaging in childish name calling, disrespecting the family of a deceased veteran, and casually making a joke about an assassination attempt if he does not win the election.  There are many other examples that illustrate Trump’s lack of respect for constructive political discourse, an essential component of our stable society.

What does this all mean?
In short, the GOP is in trouble if it is not willing to admit that in order to remain competitive, it must make changes.  Any Republican who doesn’t want to support Trump, shouldn’t.  Repudiating Trump before the election even occurs should be done if it is in the best interest of the country, and the GOP as a whole.  Some argue that what is in the best interest of the GOP is to remain true to its candidate, however, when a player is not performing in the game, sometimes it’s necessary to call a time-out, put him on the bench, and revise strategy.



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