Political Insider for President!

Overall, prior experience in politics is the norm for our presidents. Of the presidents we’ve elected, 14 were Vice Presidents, 8 were cabinet members, 16 were Senators, 19 were Congressman, and 22 were governors, and many served in multiple capacities prior to becoming president. The only three presidents who did not hold public office before being elected were Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Would Americans then have rejected the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson simply because they were insiders? Would we today? Continue reading Political Insider for President!

From Never Trump to Forever Trump: The Impact of Trump’s Supreme Court Shortlist

Yesterday, Donald Trump revealed his picks for the Supreme Court if he were to be elected president, and he couldn’t have chosen a better time.  No doubt, many republicans read over the list of nominees with a sigh of relief as many of the names are tried and true conservatives.  Even since the presumptive nominee’s win in Indiana, some republicans remain hesitant to fully support and endorse … Continue reading From Never Trump to Forever Trump: The Impact of Trump’s Supreme Court Shortlist

The Power of the President

Understanding that the powers of the president are limited is essential to having a healthy political system. Repeated election cycles of unrealistic promises and unmet expectations hurts the American political system, creating a cynical people, who often lose trust in government, forego future participation in the political process, or become even more susceptible and responsive to every fairytale promise made by increasingly demagogue-like presidential candidates. Continue reading The Power of the President